Warsaw Fire Territory Board Gives OK To Grant Applications

Warsaw-Wayne Fire Territory Board approved for the Fire Territory to apply for two different grants Tuesday.

The first grant is a local training support grant through the Indiana Department of Homeland Security. The grant is a reimbursement grant to be able to purchase equipment for a training facility. If awarded, it would allow WWFT to purchase a machine box for limb and hand extrications from accidents at $3,800. It will also allow the purchase of window ventilation props to allow WWFT to simulate Vent-Enter-Isolate-Search operations and multiple variations of ventilating a structure at $3,680, said Fire Chief Garrett Holderman.

Warsaw Mayor Joe Thallemer asked if the items were already budgeted for in WWFT’s budget. Holderman said they were not.  Thallemer said it looked like the maximum amount for the grant is $10,000. Depending on what WWFT is awarded in the grant would determine what the Fire Territory would purchase with the grant money.

Board member Brandon Schmitt asked if WWFT had anything like the equipment it is planning on purchasing with the grant. Holderman said it does not.

The second grant is a fire training infrastructure grant from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security. It will allow WWFT to purchase “much-needed concrete” at WWFT’s training facility. He said right now, the training facility is all dirt and rock. It is a reimbursement grant.

The amount awarded is unknown because multiple departments will be awarded “whatever they’re awarded. According to information provided to the Board, the concrete will help create a safer and cleaner environment for the Fire Territory to work in.

Prior to accepting or being awarded the grant, WWFT will seek additional permissions and will be able to provide more details further on, he said. Thallemer said according to information provided about the grant, the maximum amount for the grant is $50,000.

Schmitt asked what the size of the area and square footage was.

Holderman said he didn’t know the square footage since the area is in a half moon shape, but it totaled about 130 yards of concrete. The concrete also had to be about 8 inches thick.

In other business, Holderman said WWFT is in the process of hiring a Community Assistance, Resources and Emergency Services (CARES) coordinator. The job opening was open for about week and there have been 31 applicants. The applicants will be interviewed next month as former chief Mike Wilson is retiring at the end of the month.

EMS Chief Chris Fancil said they are interviewing next Wednesday and Thursday for a full-time CARES position. That person will spend time with Fancil and Wilson until “they’re up and running and feel comfortable. The program is doing what they want it to do, it’s just busy as Lutheran EMS gets calls all the time for CARES issues.

Also, the Board approved travel requests, which included having Drew Shilling to go to Fishers in June for the dive summer training series to become certified to teach the Dive Rescue I class.