Warsaw Library approves wage/salary table for 2018

After a short review of the 2018 starting wage/salary to maximum wage/salary table, the Warsaw Community Public Library Board of Trustees approved it Monday.

“All the positions reflect a 0.6666 cents change, based on going from $9 to $9.66 for the first one,” Library Director Ann Zydek stated, with the exception being five positions that were upgraded about two years ago and didn’t change for 2018.

For the director position, the wage table states the starting hourly wage is $28.66, with a maximum of $60 and a maximum yearly salary of $124,800. In August, Zydek was approved to receive a salary in 2018 of $101,592, with a stipend of $2,000 to boost her total compensation to $103,592.

The table stipulates the starting and maximum hourly wages of $22.66 and $60 for the assistant director, who is Joni Brookins. In 2017, her annual salary was $87,141; she will receive $91,159 in 2018.

Other wages include a starting wage of $21.66 and a maximum wage of $50 for a LC2 grade department/branch head, $18.66 and $57 for LC3 grade department/branch head, $15.66 and $45 for LC4 grade professional assistant, $14.66 and $44 for LC5 grade professional assistant/supervisors, and $13.66 starting and $43 maximum for LC6 grade professional assistant/technical assistant.

The highest starting wage for a non-certification staff is a grade 3 specialist 3 at $15.66, with a maximum of $45. On the low end, a grade 7 clerk/janitor’s starting wage is $9.66, with a maximum potential wage of $31.

The total of the 2017 salaries of library employees was $999,682. In 2018, that increases to $1,048,164.

Everyone who has worked at the library at least a year will get up to a 3 percent raise next year. The figures were approved a couple of months ago in the 2018 budget.

The board then approved a slate of board officers for 2018, which will be approved at the January meeting. The slate includes Chris Merrill re-elected as president, Jill Beehler re-elected as vice president, Ben Rice as treasurer and Cathi Zdenek as secretary.

Before the selection was made, Administrative Assistant Robin Fosnaugh pointed out that board member Paulette Sauders’ final term on the board expires in June because of term limits, and board member Sherri Dalrymple’s second term also expires in June.