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Warsaw Library Board Discusses Pandemic Precautions

Warsaw Community Public Library floor seal. Photo: Nick Deranek/News Now Warsaw
COVID-19 and preventative measures were a topic of discussion during the Warsaw Library Board’s meeting Monday.

Due to Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb’s Stage 5 plan, Director Ann Zydek said anyone coming into the library is required to wear a face mask.

Zydek said the library has opened up a study room. An individual or a household can use the room. “If they’re from the same family, they can take off their mask, but they’re supposed to clean it up afterwards and let our staff know” they are done, Zydek said. The study room has a limit of four people.

If there are more than four people, Zydek said people ask to use one of the library’s two spaces. Meeting room C also has been opened up and people can meet there as well. The meeting room has a limit of 14 people. People have to sign up for the meeting spaces about a week in advance.

Outside of those requirements, everything is staying the same, Zydek said, including social distancing.

Board member Ben Rice asked if there have been any issues with enforcing the safety measures.

“The concern that many libraries have done is that they have not policed it,” Zydek said. She said with masks, some people have said they have a medical condition and others have worn a mask one day and not another. Zydek said one time, a mask ended up in the garbage.

Zydek said Warsaw Library staff were told if a patron is asking for help and they are not wearing a mask and not distancing as they should, the staff member is able to decline to give that person help. If the person puts on a mask, the staff can help the patron.

Zydek said that is becoming more of an issue.

Zydek also brought up an instance where a patron moved tables closer together and the patron was told the tables needed to be separated “and that was not something the individual wanted to do,” Zydek said, noting it will be approximately six months before that particular patron is able to use the library.

“If someone is intentionally trying to get closer than 6 feet, that’s the point where we’re saying, ‘I’m sorry,’” Zydek said. “We’re trying to be pleasant about this.”

She said it was a two-way street. The library is trying to provide an environment that is warm and inviting, as well as safe.

Zydek said the library has gone with the outsourced cleaning staff for about a month and have seen an improvement in the cleaning of the library.

In other business, the library board approved its 2021 budget of $3.71 million. The general fund makes up $3,510,000 of that budget, and the rainy day fund is $200,000.