Warsaw Library Has Fire Marshal Review Space Limits

Warsaw Community Public Library floor seal. Photo: Nick Deranek/News Now Warsaw

On May 19, mask wearing became a personal choice for staff and the public at Warsaw Community Public Library, Director Ann Zydek said during the Library Board of Trustees meeting Monday.

There are still plastic barriers up. They were put up in areas like the circulation desk.

Zydek said the library did want to double check the capacity of meeting rooms as the library is getting into more summer programming. She said the library had the fire marshal review the spaces where the library holds meetings.

Based on square footage and typical event setup, if the library had no tables and chairs in the meeting rooms, the rooms could hold 160 people “comfortably” in the meeting rooms. If there are chairs, the meeting rooms could fit 80, and by adding tables, the rooms could fit 40 people.

Zydek said it makes sense as that was where the library was at in the past, but did say it was nice to get that reassurance of the meeting room capacity again.

Effective May 11, new duties were assigned to help cultivate the library’s outreach. The community outreach department has been created at the library to help in that, Zydek said.

Anna Jackson is the department head and she will oversee the operation of the department, offering a variety of programs and activities to encourage the use of the library, Zydek said. Michelle Parker will be the community outreach professional assistant.

Robin Fosnaugh will serve as the public relations manager. Her title used to be administrative assistant. Fosnaugh has some great ideas and will be overseeing promoting public relations, communications and marketing efforts using multiple communication channels, Zydek said.

Some of the activities the department has done included going to First Friday and showing people some of the things the library was offering, she said.

“We also tried to do something with pets,” Zydek said. An interview with the Akron Carnegie Public Library’s cat was put on the library’s Facebook page.

The department also did its first in-house program, which was called Let’s Talk Writing with local writer Ashley Miller.