Warsaw looks at updating its vision for growth through new study by HyettPalma

A recent view of Warsaw City Hall News Now Warsaw photo by Dan Spalding.
By Dan Spalding
News Now Warsaw

WARSAW — The city of Warsaw is preparing to undertake an in-depth look at its future.

Twenty-one years after the consulting firm, HyettPalma, provided the city of Warsaw with a vision for growth, city leaders are hoping to do an update this year.

The city has reached out to the New York consulting firm for a redux.

The process would mirror the original project with a public meeting and input from various groups before a proposal is submitted, according to paperwork available on the city’s website.

Along with the appearance of the downtown, it would consider nearby circumstances involving the old Owen’s grocery store property, the Buffalo Street project and the proposed bike path extending through the downtown on Market Street, according to Jeremy Skinner, the city’s community and economic development director.

“It’s really just kind of a refresh of what kinds of things we should be looking at,
Skinner said.

The cost is expected to be $27,500. The city redevelopment commission is expected to consider the plan on Feb. 13.