Warsaw man accused of stealing and crashing Corvette

A Warsaw man was arrested Wednesday after police allege he drove a stolen Corvette into a tree.

36-year-old Shawn Gentry is facing a felony charge of auto theft and misdemeanor counts of criminal mischief and two counts of battery.

Gentry and his wife had been staying with a friend in Warsaw. Gentry went to take the friend’s Corvette, which was parked in the barn, for a drive, according to court records.

Gentry’s wife told police she tried to stop him by shutting the car off.

She said Gentry started pulling her hair and hit her in the face. She left the vehicle to call the owner and tell him Gentry was trying to steal his car.

When she went back outside, Gentry had hit a tree.

A neighbor saw Gentry run the car into a tree, court records say. Police say Gentry hit the neighbor.

The car owner went over and found his car crashed into the tree. He told police he didn’t give Gentry permission to drive the car.