Warsaw man charged with attempted murder in Saturday morning stabbing

Juan Ramirez Garcia (Photo: Kosciusko County Sheriff's Office)

A Warsaw man has been charged with attempted murder following a stabbing incident on Saturday morning in Kosciusko County.

According to a probable cause affidavit, emergency personnel were dispatched to a home at 340 East Levi Lee Road, Warsaw around 8:11 AM in reference to a male that had stabbed a female at the home.

Upon arrival, police had found a group of individuals in the front of the yard, three of whom suffered wounds from a knife. Police asked witnesses who the suspect was for the stabbing, and they pointed to 50-year old Juan Ramirez Garcia, who was bleeding from the neck area.

The affidavit went on to state that one of the female victims, Martha Ramirez, had suffered multiple stab wounds to her face and head and another female victim, Maria Ramirez, had been stabbed in the chest. The wounds were inflicted by Garcia during an argument.

Police then interviewed a witness, Rosio Ramirez, who told them she woke up to screaming by Martha Ramirez and Juan Ramirez Garcia, who are her mom and dad. When Rosio came out to see what was going on, she saw blood on her mother. Rosio Ramirez then said she learned that her dad had a knife and shortly after was able to get the knife away from Garcia and pushed him to get him to let go of Martha Ramirez.

The affidavit continues to say Rosio and Martha Ramirez were then grabbed and dragged by their hair by Garcia down the front steps of the home and into the front yard. It was there that after the parties were separated, Garcia cut his own throat with a second knife.

Four children were home at the time, their ages not given, that were said to actively attempting to stop the abuse during the event.

Martha Ramirez was flown to Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne. Her condition was not given but medical personnel at the scene said the stab wound to the chest was deep and posted a risk of death to Ramirez.

Garcia was taken to the Kosciusko County Jail on Wednesday following medical clearance, and is facing charges of attempted murder, aggravated battery, domestic battery causing serious bodily injury, battery while armed with a deadly weapon, domestic battery with a child under the age of 16 present and domestic battery causing moderate bodily injury.

Bond has been set at $500,000 surety plus $250 cash bond.