Warsaw Mayor Joe Thallemer elected to leadership role for Accelerate Indiana Municipalities

Warsaw Mayor Joe Thallemer has been selected for a leadership position of the Accelerate Indiana Municipalities.

Formerly the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns, the group has been an advocate for Indiana municipalities since the 1890s.  In fact, Aim is the official voice of municipal government in Indiana, with more than 460 cities and towns as members.  

Soon Mayor Thallemer will act as their 2nd Vice President. He was elected to the position at the 2018 Aim Ideas Summit in French Lick this week. 

Thallemer will take office January 1, 2019 alongside Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson, who will serve as Vice President, and Huntingburg Mayor Denny Spinner who will assume the presidency role.

Also elected were Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson who will serve as 1st Vice President and Warsaw Mayor Joe Thallemer who will serve as 2nd Vice President.  All three take office January 1, 2019.

Aim CEO Matt Greller says the lineup will make 2019 a great year for the group.

“Denny, Karen, and Joe are intensely committed both to their communities and our state.  Having a strong Indiana begins with having strong cities and towns. We must continue to expand the network of state leaders and legislators willing to support municipalities for the betterment of Indiana.  This team of officers has the drive, talent and focus to do just that,” he explained. 

As part of his commitment, Mayor Thallemer will move up the ranks of Aim to assume presidency in 2021.