Warsaw Mayoral Debate organizers still hope both candidates will attend

Warsaw mayoral candidates, Left to Right: incumbent Joe Thallemer, City Councilman Ron Shoemaker

Organizers and panelists are still hoping both mayoral candidates will attend a debate next week.

The Warsaw Mayoral Candidate Debate is at Lakeview Middle School April 11th at 6 p.m.

Incumbent Mayor Joe Thallemer has confirmed he will participate, but City Councilman and mayoral candidate Ron Shoemaker has declined.

He announced late last month that he would not attend because the event was orchestrated without his commitment.

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News Now Warsaw has made efforts to accommodate requests made by Councilman Shoemaker and continues to try and meet with him to discuss his reservations about the debate.

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There will be a podium available for him at the event on April 11.