Warsaw orders demolition of Center Street Carwash

A dilapidated car wash on Center Street near U.S. 30 is on the verge of being demolished by the city of Warsaw.

At a code enforcement hearing on Tuesday, Hearing Officer Tom Earhart called for the property, which includes a drive-through car wash as well as a six-bay do-it-yourself structure, to be demolished after the owners ignored repeated inquiries from city officials.

The owner apparently ignored correspondences from the city about the property at the 2500 block of E. Center St.

The car wash was part of an adjoining gas station and constructed when the Marketplace of Warsaw shopping center was new about 25 years ago, but it has been closed for years and is deteriorating.

Windows around the building have been spray painted to prevent looking inside. A sign on a tall pole in front of the business is falling apart, and officials expressed concern that more of the heavy plastic could fall off and potentially injure somebody.

In mandating the demolition, Earhart ordered a lien be placed against the property so the city can attempt to recoup the demolition costs.

The owner has 10 days to file an appeal before demolition plans can move forward.

In another case, the city moved closer to ordering a demolition of a house on East Arthur Street.

A plastic tarp has been used for months to cover the roof of the residence at 812 E. Arthur St.. Owners of the property, PC Properties and Rentals LLC, Elkhart, did not attend the hearing in February or Tuesday.

Earhart ordered the demolition, but withheld the order until June to provide owners with a final chance to comply.

The city also extended for another month efforts to have a property owner of a home at 1627 Fisher Ave. respond to complaints about excessive debris and items stored around the outside of house.

Property owner Brad Eberly did not attend Tuesday’s meeting.

The city will reconsider the situation at its May 15 hearing.

The house is just south of Warsaw Community High School.