Warsaw Police Arrest Three On Meth Charges

Warsaw Police Department officers have arrested three people for possession of meth.
On April 21, WPD received information that Sterling Templeton, who had an active warrant for parole violation, was living at 604 W. Catholic St., Warsaw. Templeton, 35, as well as Niccole Paschall, 34, and  Tara Purvis, 30, had been staying at that address. At 1:50 a.m., Paschall returned to the home that police had been investigating while searching for Templeton.
Paschall attempted to conceal a small plastic bag from the police, according to the probable cause affidavit provided by the Kosciusko County Prosecutor’s Office. Police confirmed that the bag contained meth.
Paschall became nervous when police wanted to search the house and told them that more meth was located inside her vehicle. She told police she did not want to let them inside the house because she did not know what Templeton had stored inside.
At 2:55 a.m., officers saw Templeton drive by and stopped his vehicle. In the car was Templeton as well as Paschall’s child. In the yard next to where the vehicle was stopped, four baggies containing meth and suspected of containing heroin were found. Templeton admitted that he intended to sell the meth, had a syringe in his pocket and was involved with the Aryan Brotherhood.
Once they received a search warrant, police entered the home. Inside, they found nine grams of meth, numerous digital scales, syringes, paraphernalia, Aryan Brotherhood related items and $500 cash. Purvis had more than one gram of meth in her bedroom. In the child’s bedroom, police found a torch, syringes and paraphernalia. There also was a one-pot meth lab.
Templeton was arrested April 21 and held without bond. Paschall was arrested Wednesday with a $5,250 bond and Purvis was arrested Thursday with a $5,250 bond.