Warsaw Police Warning about Counterfeit $100 Bills

The front of the counterfeit $100 bills circulating in Warsaw, showing the similar serial numbers on the front. (Photo: Warsaw Police Department)

The Warsaw Police Department is warning area residents about fake $100 bills that were used on Monday.

The fake bills were used at several businesses. Police say while the bills look pretty close to a real one, there are two big giveaways, the magnetic strip is on the wrong side of the bill, and the watermark face is that of Alexander Hamilton and not Ben Franklin.

They say also look for the serial number, D-F-4-5-2-4-8-9-9-1-A, which has been on all the fake bills so far. Anyone with information, or if you have received one of the bills, is asked to contact the Warsaw Police Department.

When held in light, the bills show the improperly placed magnetic strip and the wrong face watermark. (Photo: Warsaw Police Department)