Warsaw Redevelopment approves claims, trash cans purchase

(Carli Luca / News Now Warsaw)

The only items on the Warsaw Redevelopment Commission agenda Monday were six claims and the purchase of three trash receptacles for the Buffalo Street Plaza.

The claims, all of which were approved, included $5,972.18 from Barnes & Thornburg LLP for legal services ending June 30; $3,912 from A & Z Engineering for professional services for CR 300N and CR 200W improvements; $114.23 from city of Warsaw wastewater for stormwater charge; $16,350 from DLZ for U.S. 30 alignment study services rendered from May 8 to June 11; $10,616.35 from Wessler Engineering for professional services for the Airport Road lift station for June 1-30; and $67,000 from OrthoWorx Inc. for payment No. 6 of the AcceLinx grant.

Redevelopment Commission President Tim Meyer asked about the $114.23 claim from the city, which was for property at 117 E. Canal St. He wanted to know why the Redevelopment Commission only got a stormwater bill for the Canal Street property and no other property and why now.

Community Economic and Development Director Jeremy Skinner, who was virtual for the meeting, said that according to the state legislature now, “You have to pay any property that you own – whether it’s city or municipality own – even though it’s kind of like paying ourselves.”

In the past, he said they did some educational credits but that’s not acceptable anymore, “so any property moving forward that we have, we’ll pay for our sewer and stormwater for the time that we own it.”

Skinner said it’s not retroactive, but going forward they’ll pay for any claims for any property they own.

George Clemens, Commission president, asked if the $114.23 was just for one month as that seemed to be a lot. Skinner said he would have to go back and look, but he hoped they wouldn’t own the Canal Street property for very long.

Meyer later asked Skinner if the $67,000 to OrthoWorx was the last payment on that grant to them. Skinner said he believed so.

Clemens made the motion to approve the claims, with Vice President Rick Snodgrass providing the second, and it was unanimously approved.

City Planner Justin Taylor then presented a request to purchase three trash receptacles from Midstates Recreation, Pataskala, Ohio, for a total of $4,382.04.

“This is the company that you order Wabash Valley products through,” Taylor said. “It’s for three trash receptacles for the Plaza. It’s the final touches of the Buffalo Street Plaza, which is why it’s coming through Redevelopment. Currently, there are trash receptacles out there that are just barrels that they typically put in parks, but we wanted to get the nice Wabash Valley trash cans that we’ve used throughout the downtown, just to make that tie-in to all the other improvements we’ve been doing in the city.”

Clemens asked Taylor if there was “any mechanism for recycling on that, or is it simply everything in one place?”

Taylor said it was “everything in one place.”

Meyer said some people might have heartburn over $4,000 for three trash cans. Taylor said for the green trash cans the city had downtown around 2006, the city paid $1,200-$1,500 per can. “They’re expensive to get commercial grade,” Taylor said.

Asked by Meyer if they would be anchored down, Taylor said they have that potential so they can be anchored down.

The request for the three trash cans was approved 3-0.