Warsaw-Wayne Fire Territory warns of freezing thawing ice dangers

The Warsaw Wayne Fire Territory encourages everyone to continue to be safe on the water.

With lakes freezing and thawing this time of year, ice can become dangerous. In a news release issued Friday, the fire department reminds everyone to keep in mind the thickness and quality of the ice, should one happen to go out on it.

When planning to go out on the ice, let someone know where you will be and what time you plan to be off the ice.

If you should happen to fall through the ice, remember the best way to exit is to first stay calm. Then quickly swim to the edge. Get as much of your upper body out of the water as possible. Using your elbows and forearms, prop yourself up and kick as hard as possible. Once out of the water, roll away from the opening.

Also keep in mind the 1-10-1 rule: If you happen to become immersed in cold water, it will take 1 minute for cold shock to pass. Remember to stay calm and keep your airway open. The next 10 minutes you could become cold incapacitated, losing use of fingers, arms and legs. And it takes approximately 1 hour to die from hypothermia.

Keep in mind, the U.S. Coast Guard says no ice is safe ice.