Weed Wrangle® is a Success on the Winona Lake Trails

Stan Moore, Terrestrial Committee Chair, and volunteers work on a section of the Winona Trails. (Photo provided)

KWWIP celebrated the start of Spring by tackling the invasive plants on the Winona Lake
Bike Trails alongside over 30 volunteers!

Dugan Julian, of the Southern Indiana Cooperative Invasives Management group, gave a presentation on invasive plant species and how to manage them. The teams targeted Bush Honeysuckle, Burning Bush and Japanese Barberry. These plants have commonly been featured in landscaping, but they can spread at incredible rates to woodland areas, eventually overtaking and snuffing out the native plants.

There are plans to continue this effort on the trails as a part of the grant received by KWWIP from the Arrowhead County RC&D. Special thanks to the KCV (Kosciusko County Velo) Cycling Club for help with coordination and volunteers and to Seymour Midwest Tools for assistance in purchasing equipment.

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