Whitko Career Academy Livestock Gate Project

Pictured from left to right in the front row: Morgan Miller Cody Wilson, Dale Lehman, Andreu Rider, Jacob Westerberg, Ethan Wunder, Shane Shepherd, Aiden Hoffman, Ethan Neer, John Osterman, Caiden Sattison, Kennedy Templeton, Dylan Black, Jesse Elder, Blaine Stump. Back row:Robert Carpenter. Not pictured: Jeff Farmer, Sean Walls, and Haley Whelpley. (Photo Provided)

In a recent cross curricular Project Based Learning effort, the Agricultural and Welding
Departments teamed up to design and produce livestock panels for the academy’s show barn.

The initial idea was to allow students to research, design, and produce quality multifunctional panels to be used for the barn.

After their early research in late March, students decided on a gate plan that could serve
multiple purposes. The functions would include dividing the actual livestock containment area into sections, be removable for outdoor Ag day purposes, and be utilized for the upcoming state livestock contest.

Then from a late start on production in April due to covid complications, the welding students began the fabrication process. Twenty three custom designed interlocking panels were produced. The panels were constructed of 1” by 14 gage square tube, number 9 cattle panel, and student designed interlock system.

The co curriculum project began with a real world deadline of May 13th. The panels were
utilized by the Agriculture department for Ag Day and the State Livestock Contest. Both events took place earlier this month.