Winds Destroy Magical Meadows Hay Barn Sunday

Pictured is the hay barn at The Magical Meadows after it was destroyed Sunday. Photo provided.

The Magical Meadows, 3386 E. CR 525N, Warsaw, is looking to rebuild a barn after it was destroyed Sunday by strong winds.

The barn was named after Jean and Jim Northenor in March 2021 after they donated $30,000, which was the full cost of building the barn.

The Magical Meadows Executive Director Carl Adams said he doesn’t know if it was a straight-line wind gust, but something got hold of the barn, lifted it up and turned it around and put the barn into the pasture, destroying the barn at about 4:40 p.m. Sunday. The fence next to the barn also was damaged.

Adams said no people or animals were hurt and the barn did not hit the main building.

He said The Magical Meadows will have to rebuild the barn. On Monday, he said they’re waiting to hear from the insurance company to see how much they’ll cover. He said if the full amount isn’t covered, The Magical Meadows may create a GoFundMe account or have to absorb the cost.

The loss of the barn has already affected The Magical Meadows’ bottom line. Adams said they don’t think they’ll be able to use the hay that was stored in the barn due to the possibility of nails and similar things being in the hay.

He did say the loss of the barn will not affect the production and movement of any classes.

Adams said Jean was notified of the barn’s destruction and she was devastated. When the barn is rebuilt, it will be renamed after Jean and Jim.