Zoners Approve Machine Repair Shop Variance With Conditions

Warsaw Board of Zoning Appeals approved a use variance to allow a small engine business in a residentially zoned neighborhood Tuesday.
Jack Wilhite, board member, made the motion, seconded by board member Tammy Dalton. Members Rick Keeven and Ron Shoemaker also voted in favor of the variance. Member Tom Allen was absent.
Everett Compton, owner of property at 1912 Lavista Drive, Warsaw, requested allowing the home occupation there.
“There are not a lot of small engine shops around anymore,” Compton said.
Repairs will be for small engines for items such as mowers and snowblowers.
Brian and Jill Debatty, who live at 1908 Short Ridge Drive, Warsaw, behind the LaVista Drive home, said they had concerns with allowing the business in the neighborhood.
“We have lived at this residence for 30 years and it’s a family neighborhood. When we look out in our yard our view is two broken down campers, a broken down boat, and a broken down deck and appliances in the yard,” Jill said.
She showed photos of the items.
Tim Dombrosky, assistant city planner, said the items in the yard is a code enforcement issue and said vehicles must be plated and on a hard surface.
The board approved the small engine repair variance with the following conditions: there must be signage for the business, it must only operate as a small engine repair shop, one employee is allowed, vehicles on the property must be put on a hard surface, unsightly items must be removed, and all items that are part of the repair business must be kept inside the building.
Other conditions are that he must cooperate with code enforcement and work must be completed by 10 p.m. 
In other business, the board approved a variance from development standards to allow outside sales of storage buildings at 415 E. Winona Avenue.
Marco Matavuli, sales representative for Homestead Buildings, said there will be four structures on the lot at a time. 

Matavuli said the buildings will be in a parking lot and not impede the sight of drivers.

(Story By the Times Union)