Police: Alleged Battery of Boy With Cerebral Palsy Unfounded

Warsaw Police have thoroughly investigated the alleged battery of an 8-year-old Warsaw boy with cerebral palsy, and have determined the battery to be unfounded.
Recently, information has circulated that this boy was “attacked” and “beaten up” by a group of teenagers behind Shamrock Mobile Home Park. This is a false statement, according to the press release from Warsaw Police Department.
The investigation shows that on  March 7, the 8-year-old boy (alleged victim) and his friend went for a walk toward the woods behind the mobile home park. There they encountered a group of other kids they knew from the park, the oldest being a 13-year-old girl.
The group allegedly surrounded them and badgered the boys into running multiple laps to a tree and back, and had them punch the girl. The victim and his friend felt intimidated and felt they could not leave. However, all parties involved, including the victim, stated that no one ever threatened them or ever touched them. It was indicated that the boys voluntarily ran the laps and punched the girl so that they could be included in the group. For the last year, the victim has walked normally and no one involved was aware of his medical issues. The investigation indicates that the cause of any injury or pain was a result of the victim running.
The investigation concludes that the boys might have been verbally bullied by the group, but no attack, no battery nor any criminal offense occurred.
WPD warns those that wish to involve themselves in any form of retaliation will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.