Lakeview Middle School Play To Benefit Fellowship Missions

Lakeview Middle School Students

Lakeview Middle School seventh- and eighth-graders will perform a play this month with proceeds going to Fellowship Missions.
The two-hour play is Dec. 10 and 11 at 7 p.m. The cost is $5 for adults; Warsaw Community Schools students and staff, $3; and children 5 and under and Fellowship Missions residents get in for free.
Fellowship Missions is a homeless shelter for men, women and children in Warsaw.
Tickets can be purchased from cast members or at the door on the night of the play. It is a three-act play, and at intermission there will be a skit.
Grace McDillon is the play director.
The play is titled “Medium Rare,” and there are 25 students in the play. The students have been rehearing since the beginning of November.
Students at the school performed a play last year and raised $1,000 for Fellowship Missions, which a person in the community matched.
“Fellowship Missions is focused on serving the Warsaw population, and we wanted to make sure we gave money to a cause that benefits our community,” McDillon said. “Fellowship Missions is on the same street as we are and we feel a connection with them.”
The play is a humorous play about a newlywed couple who move into a house. The couple who lived in the home before them sold the house and left the wife’s grandmother there. After the new couple moves into the home, the grandmother begins annoying them but they don’t know she’s still living in the house, McDillon explained. The grandmother eventually pops her head out and lets the homebuyers know she is there, and the new couple try to figure out how to get rid of her.
The couple who originally owned the home are Harvey Jolley, played by Lennon Long, and Lucinda Jolley, played by Mary Reeder.
Reeder, seventh grade, said she has a soft spot in her heart for helping others.
“When I found out proceeds from the play will go to help people it warmed my heart and made me think about others and how we can help them,” Reeder said.
Long, eighth grade, said it is important for the play to help those in need.
“It is important that Fellowship Missions has the money to help buy food and clothing for the homeless, otherwise they will live on the street,” Long said.
The newlywed couple who purchase the home are called Harry Polk, played by Diego Niebbia, and Bunny Polk played by Izzy Dittmar.
The grandmother is Nina Smeltenmelter, played by Abby Seese, and her boyfriend’s name is Maynard Crock, played by Theo Cook.
“The play is for all ages,” McDillon said.
(Story By The Times Union)