Braun: “Biden Better Be Careful with Putin, Russia”

Indiana Rep. Mike Braun (Photo supplied / Indiana House of Representatives)

WASHINGTON, D.C.–Sen. Mike Braun (R-Ind.) says the Biden administration should be tough when dealing with leaders of rival countries like Russia and China. Braun said in an interview on Fox News that he believes one of the biggest differences in the Trump and Biden administrations is in the approach to handling their leaders.

“There was a sense of respect and we did call those things out,” said Biden, responding to reports that the European Union attempted to block attempts by the U.S., Brittain and Canada, to call out the Chinese Communist Party for using slave labor.

Those reports say the EU would rather focus on cooperative areas, rather than adversarial ones, with China.

“Even though Trump was after a working dialogue as well, we were never skirting those kinds of issues<‘ said the senator. “When it comes to playing nice with (Chinese President) Xi, pr Vladimir Putin, you better be careful there because they’re going to be going for any of the soft side.”

Braun seemed to indicate that Biden should be ready to play hardball in any meetings, like Wednesday’s summit.

“They’re gonna play in a way that I think is different than he can imagine. He needs to go in there with that reality that they already are viewing him in a way that is gonna be more pliable.”