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Cardinal Services Awarded $54K K21 Grant

Cardinal Services has been awarded a $54,911 grant from the K21 Health Foundation for the creation of an on-site health clinic for Cardinal clients.

The clinic will open later this month and will be located at Cardinal’s main building at 504 N. Bay Drive, Warsaw.

The new clinic will be staffed by contracted nurse practitioners and physicians provided by Rounding Providers, an association of independent practices, according to a news release from Cardinal Services. Contracted services will include telehealth options and a 24-hour on-call center. Cardinal nurses also will be able to use the clinic to provide urgent care for people served.

The clinic will help Cardinal achieve its goal of improving health outcomes for those it serves. Use of the clinic is expected to result in fewer trips to the doctor and to the emergency room, as well as fewer stays in hospitals and nursing homes. Additional outcomes should include better preventative health practices, decrease in medications and better management of chronic conditions such as diabetes, the release states.

“K21 is excited to help advance the health care solutions for the many clients that Cardinal Services has in our community. Their health matters, and to know that Cardinal brought a solution to us that we could support is a great way for our foundation to make a health impact for the residents in our community,” said K21 CEO Rich Haddad.

“The link between health and quality of life is well-known,” said Cardinal Chief Development Officer Vickie Lootens. “The clinic will mean, quite simply, a better life for the people we serve. We are grateful to the K21 Health Foundation for making our dream of an on-site clinic for those we serve, a reality.”

Cardinal Services provides a full array of services to adults with intellectual disabilities and to families who have small children with needs. Since 1954, Cardinal has assisted and advocated for people with disabilities and challenges to live lives full of dignity, growth and opportunity, the release states. Cardinal’s purpose is to lead the way to full equity, access and inclusion for people with disabilities, families and communities.

To learn more, visit www.cardinalservices.org.