Claypool Town Council Listens To Mobile Home Request

Photo: Nick Deranek/News Now Warsaw

In its first public meeting since February, the Claypool Town Council heard a request from Eugene “Michael” Engel, 82, about moving a mobile home to his recently purchased property on Section Street.

“We aren’t agreeable to that,” said council member Gene Warner. “In the past, these types of requests have not been well-received by neighbors.”

After inquiring about the council’s reasoning, Engel sought permission to place a double-wide unit on the lot.

“I’m not going to go deep into debt to build a home at my age,” said Engel. “And I won’t put a piece of crap on there.”

Engel further stated that he intends to put a garage on the property in the future.

The council agreed to discuss the matter at their executive session Tuesday and would get back with him by next month’s council meeting.

Under Indiana’s Open Door Law, an executive session on this matter would not be permitted. It has to be discussed at a public meeting.

Additionally, the council heard from Jeff Hersha of Jones and Henry Engineers about appraising the town’s water utility.

According to Hersha, his firm is in the process of getting two independent appraisals from engineers and another appraisal for the land value of the property.

He added that data and maps were still being collected, and were being slowed due to COVID-19-related circumstances.

During his department report, Town Marshal Ben Sanders stated that 167 calls for service had been received during April, utilizing 206 reserve hours.

He also stated that since the council’s last meeting, the police department received its new squad car. The town also received its new wastewater truck.

When council president Liz Heiman asked about whether Sanders had heard of any community members dealing with struggles acquiring food due to COVID-19, Sanders stated that he had not heard of any. Heiman encouraged Sanders to keep eyes and ears open.

“We want to be ready to help anyone who needs it during these trying times,” she said.

Sanders also added that he had been distributing masks to community members who needed them. The Claypool Police Department has approximately 50 left.

story from Alaister McFarren, Times-Union Correspondent