Commissioners pass resolution against mandatory COVID vaccinations

Kosciusko County Attorney Ed Ormsby reads off a resolution regarding the county being against mandatory COVID vaccination. (Photo: Nick Deranek/News Now Warsaw)

The Kosciusko County Commissioners unanimously passed an resolution presented at Tuesday’s commissioners meeting that is against mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations and for healthcare freedom and privacy.

County attorney Ed Ormsby presented the five page resolution and read it off point by point to the commission and those in attendance. In layman’s terms, the resolution says that the county is not against the COVID vaccine or getting a vaccine, but that people should be left up to make their own personal decisions on whether or not they should get the vaccine.

The resolution also talks about the state’s decision to add Chapter 11 to the Indiana Code (16-39) in regards to COVID immunization passports, which are prohibited from being issued or required in the state by any form of government, something that Kosciusko County supports.

In the resolution, it states that the commissioners “encourage businesses
and schools in the County to avoid any measures or mandates that require employees,
customers, patrons, students, or other persons, except in certain healthcare related
facilities and other exceptional circumstances, to get a COVID-19 vaccine or to
produce health information on COVID-19 immunization status, otherwise known as
COVID-19 immunization passports.”

The passing of this resolution comes after an ordinance was passed making Kosciusko County a Constitutional Rights Sanctuary County in December and a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County in April.

You can read the ordinance passed in full below: