Countywide Tabletop Exercise For An Active Shooter Scheduled For Summer

A countywide exercise for an active shooter is scheduled to take place this summer.

The tabletop exercise will have attendees examine their response, recovery and/or continuity of operation plans, according to information provided by the Kosciusko County Emergency Management Agency. It is for local police departments, Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Office, all school districts in the county, EMS and fire departments.

Each school facility is being urged to send personnel to engage in a scenario-based discussion with the intent of developing a consistent countywide response and recovery plan.

“The reason a countywide plan is needed is to ensure partners and responders can be trained across our jurisdictions to the same basic plan, because those resources will have to be called in to support your local responders, one of us will have all the manpower that we need during this type of an incident,” a letter from the Kosciusko EMA states.

Over 100 participants are expected.

The intent is to have each school district seated with the “first-due” responders for their facility, listen to the initial scenario, then discuss in their group the expected response to the given situation.

Each group will report out to everyone else in attendance. This will be followed by an updated scenario, leading to further discussion. The process will be repeated through the entire table top exercise and ends with identifying best practices and needs for improvement.