Elkhart bike trail project rebooted after nearby homeowners complain

A proposed hiking and biking path project for Elkhart County ran into a detour.

$468,000 had been approved to begin the project, starting with purchasing property needed for the Quaker Trace Trail extension. But homeowners who live along the path of the project made complaints– they were concerned the trail would come too close to their driveways.

Elkhart County Commissioner Mike Yoder tells WNDU the project is getting a “reboot”.

“The commissioners will work with the engineering firm to look at a couple additional alternatives,” Yoder explains. “We’ll meet with the residents in August to share some of those alternatives, get some feedback from those folks.”

President of Bike Elkhart Paul Eash is hoping for a solution.

“Perhaps if the bike path could be a little closer to the road edge, you know, if that’s possible, any kind of compromise is great.”

Control of the project was officially handed over from the Elkhart County Redevelopment Commission to the Elkhart County Commissioners.