Elkhart Man Is Appealing His Sentence After Having Sex With 14 Year Old

An Elkhart man is appealing his sentence after he was arrested for having sex with a Niles girl who lied about her age. Zach Anderson was sentenced to 90 days in Berrien County Jail, five years on probation and 25 years on Michigan’s sex offender registry. 

That after he met a girl in the over 18 section of a dating app run by Facebook. Anderson was 19 at the time and the girl told him that she was 17. Anderson didn’t find out until after the two had sex, that she was only 14.

Anderson's father, Lester, says not only does he think the sentence imposed on his son should be more lenient, so does the girl's mother…

As part of his sentence, Anderson can’t use the internet or live in a home where internet access is available, including on smartphones – which also means Anderson has had to stop pursuing a computer-related degree in college.