Grave Marker Replaced For War Of 1812 Prisoner Of War

WHITLEY COUNTY – A veteran’s grave marker dating back to the 19th century has been replaced thanks to family of his descendants.

Peter Long lived from 1793 to 1870. He was a solider of the 22 U.S. Infantry and was a prisoner of war in the War of 1812, according to information provided by William “Bud” Long.

Peter was born Feb. 22, 1793, in Somerset, Pa., to Jacob and Catherine Himmelberger Long. He was the fourth of nine siblings.

On Feb. 18, 1813, at the age of 19, Peter enlisted in the 22nd U.S. Infantry at North Hampton, Pa., for five years. His commander was Capt. Willis Fauls. Peter was appointed corporal on July 1, 1813, then sergeant on either March 1 or 6, 1814. On July 25, 1814, he became a prisoner of war at the Battle of Niagara and kept prisoner at Halifax, according to information from William. On April 20, 1815, he arrived at Salem from Halifax. He was present at roll in June or July 1815 with Capt. Marrows commanding the 22nd U.S. Infantry. Peter was discharged at Saketts Harbor on July 8, 1815, under a surgeon’s certificate for deafness.

Evidence, according to William, shows Peter was awarded a land grant for 320 acres, but it’s not known where.

In 1817 in Pennsylvania, Peter married Ann Margret Berry. Their first son, Peter Jr., was born in 1817. Son James was born in 1820; John in 1823; Francis “Frank” in 1825; Henry William in 1827; Hannah in 1830; Margaret in 1834; Michael D. in 1836; Catherine in 1838; George in 1839; Hiram In 1842; and Susannah in 1845.

Research shows Peter moved from Pennsylvania to Ohio around 1833, then Indiana around 1850. He owned land just north of the current U.S. 30 in Whitley County on the Kosciusko County line.

He died in Richland Township, Whitley County, on Sept. 2, 1870, at 77.

A new grave marker was erected April 23 by family and friends of Peter Long to replace the broken, unreadable grave stone. A dedication for the grave marker will be at 2 p.m. May 21 with all descendants and friends invited.

To get to the cemetery from Warsaw, take U.S. 30 east to CR 900E south for 4 miles to the cemetery.

William stated they are looking for descendants of Peter and ask them to attend the dedication at 2 p.m. May 21 at Boonville Cemetery at the corner of CRs 950W and 150S in Whitley County.

For more information, contact William Long at 574-265-5492.