Indiana DNR reminds Hoosiers to wear life jackets when on the water

(Photo Supplied / DNR)

It won’t be long before Hoosiers will be enjoying warm weather on the water. The Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources is asking you to wear a life jacket if you’re going to be on a boat.

“We understand that some life jackets are big and bulky and hot,” said Conservation Officer Jet Quillen, a guest on Indiana Outdoors. “They’re coming up with new types of life jackets that are light weight.”

He said his officers wear that kind of material while on patrol on Indiana’s water ways.

“You can’t even notice you’re wearing ’em once you get used to it.”

Quillen said if you’re not a strong swimmer or you have children or you just want to take an extra precaution to be safe, wear your life jacket.

He also said that laws about drinking and driving a boat mirror laws about drinking and driving a car, and the legal limit is.08.

“Obviously our officers are out there ensuring everybody is being safe. And, if we detect signs of impairment, we will begin a boating while intoxicated investigation.”