Indiana girls dies after fall from cruise ship in Puerto Rico

By Andres Manuel Rodriguez, Public Domain,

A little girl from Indiana has died after falling from a cruise ship docked in Puerto Rico.

The 18-month old girl slipped out of her grandfather’s arms on Sunday while aboard the Freedom of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, reports Telemundo Puerto Rico.

“(We heard) the screams of the families because we were close,” a witness told the media outlet. “I looked because of the mother’s cry. That tonality, a scream of pain of that nature, does not compare with any other scream.”

The little girl fell 150 feet — 11 stories — and landed on concrete. She was taken to a hospital but did not survive.

The girl’s name and hometown have not been released to the public.

Police plan to review surveillance video and talk to people who saw what happened, according to Telemundo.