Kirkdorffer takes oath, becomes Warsaw’s fourth female officer

Warsaw Police Department officer Danielle M. Kirkdorffer (second from right) poses with her family - Breyden, Daelyn, Ryan and Clay Kirkdorffer; Warsaw Mayor Joe Thallemer (R) and WPD Chief Scott Whitaker (L) after taking her ceremonial oath of office Friday. Photo by David Slone, Times-Union.
By David Slone

WARSAW — Taking her ceremonial oath of office Friday, Danielle M. Kirkdorffer is the fourth woman to join the Warsaw Police Department.

She’s also the last officer to be given her oath from Mayor Joe Thallemer, whose term ends in 58 days as he did not seek re-election for a fourth four-year term.

“It’s always a privilege and an honor for me to do this, in having families here, knowing how important policing is in our community and this is just always a special moment,” Thallemer said before giving Kirkdorffer the oath during the Board of Public Works and Safety meeting.

After Kirkdorffer was sworn in and photos were taken, Thallemer gave a short speech to the WPD officers who were there to support Kirkdorffer.

“Chief (Scott Whitaker) reminded me of – before this morning – that this was going to be the last officer I will swear in. It’s true,” he said. “I hate for anything to be the last, but as I thought about it, it’s been a really great group of folks coming through the police department and I appreciated each and every one of you in coming in as a new officer.”

Thallemer said he always loves seeing the support behind the officer and their family, “knowing that it’s more than just a picture. It is the last, but I’ll keep it here (in the heart).”

Whitaker said Kirkdorffer is WPD’s fourth female officer, which drew applause from Warsaw Councilwoman and Board of Works member Diane Quance.

“Our department is officially 10% female,” Whitaker said.