Kosciusko County residents healthier than Allen, Elkhart, and St. Joseph Counties

"Stethoscope" by Jasleen_kaur, some rights reserved

When it comes to northern Indiana counties, the results are in as to which residents are more healthy.

The ranking in the annual Robert Wood Johnson Foundation study shows Kosciusko ranked 29th of all Indiana counties and St. Joseph County, farther down the list, at 59th.

Coming in right after Kosciusko was Elkhart County at spot number 30. Kosciusko also beat out Allen County, which ranked 47th.

Factors like clinical care, health behaviors, and physical environment are counted in the study.

When it comes to adult smoking, 19% of Kosciusko residents light up. Approximately 34% of adult residents are obese, 26% are physically inactive and nearly 17% drink excessively.