Mayor Gives Report On Stellar Communities Visit

There was a lot of buzz around Warsaw and Winona Lake on Thursday.

Twenty members of the Stellar Communities State Committee visited Warsaw as a culmination of the Stellar Communities application process, according to a press release from Mayor Joe Thallemer’s office. Approximately 40 community partners joined the presentation to show their support. Winona Lake partnered in the visit as part of the Warsaw + Winona Lake Stellar Connection focus for the Strategic Investment Plan.

Thallemer gave a detailed presentation about Stellar projects and reviewed how the city’s plan meets the specifications the State Committee is looking for.  Others shared brief reflections on what Stellar means to them in their respective roles, including One Ten Craft Meatery owner Jason Brown, MudLOVE founder and owner Luke Wright, OrthoWorx Executive Director Brad Bishop, Market Street resident Lleyton Brainard and Lake City Bank CEO David Findlay.

Following the presentation, State Committee members participated in a bus tour to visit the project sites and gain a personal connection to the city’s plan.  Members of the City’s Stellar Core Team, Grace College President Dr. Bill Katip and Warsaw Community Schools Superintendent Dr. David Hoffert gave on-bus presentations throughout the tour.

The visit ended with a video produced by Mason Geiger about Warsaw’s community pride and vision as a Stellar Community finalist, as well as a question-and-answer time, the release states. Thallemer thanks the many citizens, businesses and community leaders who participated in and supported the Stellar initiative and process.

“The intensive process over the past few months has yielded a visionary and achievable plan for the Market Street corridor, new and strengthened community relationships, and a renewed sense of community pride and investment. These results wouldn’t have been possible without outstanding community support and collaboration,” the release states.
The 2016 Stellar Community designation winner will be announced Aug. 18 at the Indiana State Fair.