Ministerial Association encourages ‘Day of Prayer’ for Israel

Fire and smoke is seen after an Israeli airstrike on the city o Gaza. AP photo.
News Release

WARSAW — The Greater Warsaw Ministerial Association is encouraging everyone to pray for Israel and for the peace of Jerusalem as directed in Psalm 122:6-9.

Leaders in Israel have called this their 9-11.  Many have died and many have suffered on both sides because of violence.

On Sunday, Oct. 15, we are calling for a Day of Prayer For Israel. Here is a prayer example from Christian Broadcasting Network:

We lift our hearts up to God and say, “How long, O Lord?”, and ask wisdom for leaders and that war and strife will be brief.

Let us pray:  May God arise and have mercy on Zion.  May the set time come, may the time of favor come, and may all the nations under heaven fear the name of the Lord and give honor to Your glory. May peace be within the walls of Jerusalem, on every street and in every home and place of worship. May Jerusalem be known as a place of prayer and a place where all nations can come together and worship.

May God soften the hearts of the Palestinians. May those who have lost loved ones be comforted.  May the generations of violence cease and may the sons of Isaac and the sons of Ismael come to peace as the sons of Abraham.  Amen