No Decision in Colt Lundy sentence modification request

Colt Lundy's mugshots, then and now.

The Kosciusko County man who killed his step father when he was 15 says he has bettered himself behind bars, and now wants to be on home detention.

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Now at age 23, Colt Lundy wants to ride out the remaining 13 months of his sentence on home detention in the very Cromwell home where he killed his step-father, 49-year-old Phillip Danner.

WNDU reports the prosecution argued Lundy’s good behavior has already trimmed a 25 year sentence down to 9.5 years, and that Lundy should just wait for his scheduled release in December of 2019.

The judge took Lundy’s sentencing modification request under advisement.

A similar request was rejected in 2016.