Wawasee High School students banned from flying Confederate flag

(photo supplied / WNDU)

Wawasee High School students are being told they cannot wear or fly the Confederate flag on school property.

This comes after the school received complaints about students with the flags.

“We saw some ladies taking pictures of our trucks and we knew we were going to get called down to the office and soon enough, we did,” Wawasee junior Bailey Kessler tells WNDU.

“A guy at the high school told us nicely to take them down because the liberal Indiana page didn’t like it, and we didn’t agree with that.”

Despite the ban, the students continued their use of the flags, wearing them on clothes and flying them on trucks Thursday.

The school responded in a statement, saying there was also “social media hate speech targeting students of a different color.”

The statement from Wawasee says “students of color have approached teachers and administrators fearful of the situation and unable to carry on with their educational tasks.”

The school says they allow great leeway in free speech, but behavior which is plainly offensive crosses that line.

Senior Austin Murphy tells WNDU they don’t mean any harm by having the flags.

“We’re just trying to state a point that we’re raised a southern way. It’s a brotherhood, too.”

Wawasee Community Schools say the authorities have been contacted to investigate the situation.