Peru man accused of stealing cats from tenant

("Cat" by Susanne Nilsson, CC BY 2.0)

A Miami County man decided his tenants cats weren’t the cats meow.

John Norris stole the cats after getting into an argument with the cats’ owner, who had been renting a room from Norris in Peru, said the Kokomo Tribune.

Norris took the cats’ while the owner went for a bicycle ride on May 19. The owner told police he kept the nine cats inside animal crates when he left because he was afraid Norris would do something to them.

Witnesses say they saw Norris place several animal crates into a white van. The cats’ owner said Norris told him to leave the residence or he wouldn’t get his cats back.

Norris left the cats in kennels behind the Peru Animal Hospital.

When he was interviewed by police he denied having anything to do with taking the cats, but when police said witnesses saw him, he admitted to taking the cats.

Police found all the cats, and were able to reunited them with the owner.

But Norris told police that the cats’ owner shouldn’t bring the cats back or he wouldn’t find them next time.

Norris is accused of theft and animal cruelty.