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Plan Commissioners Forward Plat Requests

Kosciusko County Justice Building. (Photo: Nick Deranek/News Now Warsaw)
Final plats were forwarded on for last decisions by the Koscisuko County Commissioners and the Milford Town Council by the Area Plan Commissioners at their Wednesday afternoon meeting.

The first item considered by members Lee Harmon, Mandy Espinoza, Joe Caxier, Mike Kissinger, Bob Conley, Doug Ruch, Jon Garber, Kevin McSherry and Larry Coplen was a request from Robert and Phyllis Swanson to rezone a parcel from?agricultural to agricultural 2. The property is on the west side of CR 600W, north of Old 30 in Harrison Township at 6008 W. Old Road 30, Warsaw.

Lawyer Rick Helm appeared for the Swansons saying that the property does not conform to the 20acre rule as required by current zoning ordinances. The problem started when the couple allowed 67 acres to go into the federal Wetlands Reserve Program. The property remaining for their residence is 1.27 acres.

“When the 67 acres was consolidated this tract was left out,” Helm said, “and is illegally zoned. We would like to rezone it so it can stay like it is, a residence.”

The county commissioners will hear the request at their March 14 meeting.

The second case before the commission was a petition from Daniel Killinger to rezone a parcel in Milford from agricultural to residential. The property is on the north side of Fourth Street, 150 feet west of Higbee Street at 505 W. Fourth St. The 4.31 tract is the former site of the Lakeland Health Care facility.

Contractor Gavin Troyer of O.A. Construction Services  appeared for the petitioner.

The property is surrounded by property zoned residential.

APC director Dan Richard said this hearing was to consider the rezoning issue only, not discuss whether or not multi-family units will be allowed on the parcel.

“That decision will be made by the county’s board of zoning appeals,” Richard said. “A multi-family use is an exception in a residential zone.”

Raelne Cooley, of 412 W. Fourth St., came forward saying she did have questions but would hold them until she attended the proper meeting.

Richard said the Milford Town Council would hear the rezoning request at their March 8 meeting.

Assistant planner Matt Sandy presented two ordinance amendments, which were approved and will receive final approval by the commissioners.

The first change was in regards to the town of Leesburg’s corporate limits inclusions.

The second ordinance establishes nominal fees for building permits of $10 for agricultural, residential accessory and residential additions, and $25 for commercial, industrial, mobil home, multi-family, public use and residential. These fees will support the planning department’s online services and the additional mailing expenses associated with the new system.

Sandy said the fees probably won’t be charged until next year.

McSherry requested the group look into an ag waiver for all agricultural zones, not just for agriculture 2. The waiver indicates to non-ag property owners that they are living in the country, surrounded by businesses whose practices may unclude sights, smells and sounds not associated with city or suburban life.

The ag waiver is included with agriculture 2 permits indicating the property owner will not remonstrate against ag practices.

Sandy will collect waivers used for all ag zones in other counties and get Purdue Ag Extension Educator Kelly Heckaman’s opinion.