Residents Asked To Prepare Ahead Of Impending Snow Storm

As a significant winter storm approaches for Wednesday and Thursday, residents are asked to be prepared and assist the city with responding to the storm, according to a news release from the city of Warsaw.

Do not park vehicles on city streets. Cars will become buried by plows, and plowing around parked vehicles will make clearing the streets difficult.

Driveways will be plowed closed as plows pass through. Make plans to clear that built up snow. Consider helping neighbors who may be unable to clear their own driveways.

Emergency routes and main roads will be plowed first, and during the heaviest snowfall they will be the main focus.  Secondary roads will be opened next, followed by neighborhood streets and alleys.

Snow will be piled in neighborhood cul de sacs. This snow will be removed as soon as possible by crews after the storm has concluded, the release states.

City of Warsaw trash routes will run as planned on Wednesday and Thursday, but may run slower than usual. If conditions become too hazardous for trash collection, make-up days will be announced following the conclusion of the storm.

Shovel and clear 3 feet around any fire hydrants on your property, as well as a path between the street and hydrant. This will help emergency crews to access the hydrant quickly to protect your home or a neighbor’s home.

When possible, stay home and off the roads to allow emergency crews to do their job and plows to clear the roads. When driving near a plow, stay back, provide plenty of passing space and slow down.

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