Ron Shoemaker emphasizes conservative approach to city finances at Listening Tour event

(Roger Grossman / News Now Warsaw)

City Councilman and mayoral candidate Ron Shoemaker held a Listening Tour event at the Shrine Building at the Kosciusko County Fairgrounds Thursday night.

Councilman Shoemaker took written questions submitted from those who attended, and also some impromptu questions.

(Roger Grossman / News Now Warsaw)

He said that, as mayor, he would focus on taking better care of the city’s roads and sidewalks, community policing, providing more affordable housing and the needs of current small businesses in the downtown area as well as attracting new businesses here.

He also says he would take a more conservative approach with the city’s finances, and he pointed to the new fire station south of Warsaw as an example.

“We could have built two fire stations for the price of one,” he explains. “We need those fire stations, but I think the approach I would’ve taken we would’ve had two instead of one.”

Shoemaker also emphasized he wants a team approach to leading the city.

The event was held at the same time as the Warsaw Mayoral Candidate Debate at Lakeview Middle School, where incumbent Mayor Joe Thallemer was answering questions submitted by the community. You can read more about that event here. 

Both events brought similar size crowds of over 50 people.