Senator Donnelly looks forward to race with Mike Braun

(Photo supplied/U.S. Senate)

Senator Joe Donnelly has congratulated Mike Braun on his primary win, and says he looks forward to the campaign.

In a press conference Wednesday morning, Donnelly said the race for the Senate seat he currently occupies will be about healthcare, and the McConnell Tax Plan. He says the race will also be about the role of a U.S. Senator.

Donnelly, who added that he isn’t worried about the anti-incumbent mood in the electorate, says simply doing what the president wants is an “abrogation of duty,” and notes that as a Democrat with a history of working beyond party lines, he votes with the president whenever he thinks he’s right.

He defended his opposition to the federal tax bill, but dodged a question about if it should be repealed, saying instead that he’s focused on making healthcare affordable for Hoosier families.

When asked about Braun framing himself as an outsider, Donnelly pointed out that his opponent was elected twice to the statehouse.