Sidney convention finalizes Nov. 7 ballot

Staff Report

SIDNEY — Three Democrat candidates were chosen to be on the ballot following a Sidney town convention Saturday.

Of the four Democrat candidates that filed to run for the Sidney Town Council, three of them received votes at the town convention Saturday and will see their names on the Nov. 7 ballot.

Incumbents Brandon Allen, and Gavin Parrett as well as Rebecca Adams were chosen and will compete for the three town board seats. The fourth candidate on the ballot will be Republican Sharon Rancourt.

The fourth Democrat, Jack Wolfe, dropped out and asked that no one vote for him. 

Republican Lisa Parrett is unopposed in the race for clerk-treasurer.

Sidney is the smallest town in the county with an election. Ten people cast votes in the convention, according to a report by the Times-Union.

You can find the newspaper’s story here.