Student activity center for WCS to have no tax impact

Warsaw Community High School is moving forward with plans for a $10 million student activity center.

Superintendent Dr. David Hoffert presented the financial details of the plan during Monday’s school board meeting.

The center will be paid for by refinancing a bond that will have no tax impact, Hoffert said.

Now that three major building projects financed following a local referendum are complete, Hoffert said school officials wanted to see what the future needs of the community and students may be.

“We are still in the very early stages, the next step is to go to design phase,” Hoffert said.

Hoffert said the center would have a “flexible education space, a track, a tournament area, a clinic, and they have talked about child care options.”

He added that they are looking at community partners in case they want to add to the building.

$10 million is the cap in order to make the project tax neutral, Hoffert said.