Tests, mailers regarding COVID-19 testing are legit, says health officals

An example of what the text message from the ISDH will look like from the state. The second message will follow with a registration link and access code to sign up for the testing. Photo provided.

Did you get a text message to your phone or a mailer saying that you can go get tested for COVID-19? Health officials say it is not a scam.

Teresa Reed from the Kosciusko County Health Department says the Indiana State Department of Health is looking to find how many people are infected, how many are asymptomatic and what percentage of the population has antibodies.

In regards to asymptomatic people, it can make it hard to find cases and how to stop it efficiently.

With the antibodies, it can tell officials what percentage of the population has been infected in the past. The information that is gained from those tests will help officials both locally and statewide move forward with the right steps.

If you have questions regarding the testing, you are asked to contact the ISDH.