Three in custody after Warsaw shooting leaves 15-year-old in critical condition

A 15-year-old Warsaw boy is in critical condition after being shot inside a mobile home at the Shamrock Mobile Home Park.

Warsaw Police say the boy had a gunshot wound to the neck when they arrived Sunday afternoon. He was rushed to Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne.

Emergency Dispatch told News Now Warsaw the shooting was called in as an accident. Warsaw Police say they believe it was accidental, but arrests were made after their investigation was set back by being given false information and an attempt was made to dispose of the handgun.

A press release from the Warsaw Police says multiple people were inside the home when the 9mm handgun went off. They say it was being handled by Amika Bolen at the time. The 22-year-old has been booked into Kosciusko County Jail for felony criminal recklessness for shooting a firearm in a dwelling.

Authorities indicate 21-year-old Dylan Lawson threw the handgun into the woods near the mobile home park before police arrived. Police recovered the handgun and charged Lawson with felony obstruction of justice.

During the initial investigation Warsaw Police say homeowner Sasha Bolen intentionally gave them wrong information about who was handling the gun when it went off. The 24-year-old was charged with misdemeanor false information.

The investigation into the shooting incident is ongoing.