Warsaw Mayor Joe Thallemer tests positive for COVID-19

(photo supplied / City of Warsaw)

Warsaw Mayor Joe Thallemer recently tested positive for COVID-19.

In an e-mail from the city on Tuesday, Mayor Thallemer sought testing when he first noticed a slight fever. He has been working from home since last Wednesday, June 24th.

“I am relieved that I feel good and am able to continue to work remotely” he said in the press release. State guidelines require isolation for 10 days after the onset of symptoms.

Mayor Thallemer is strongly recommending that anyone with symptoms or who feels like they have come in close contact with someone who has tested positive to get tested immediately.

Testing has increased across the area, including free testing at MedStat locations in Warsaw, Syracuse and Nappanee. “With the increased availability of free, on demand testing in our community, every resident, regardless of their ability to afford it or immigration status, now has access to testing.”

Thallemer continued in the press release, “I have worked very hard with the Kosciusko County Health Department to do whatever possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our community.  Adhering to the recommendations for wearing a mask at public gatherings, social distancing, and frequent hand sanitization are critical protections that we all must continue to follow. While I can’t pinpoint how or when I was infected, I do know that diligently following the required precautions lessens the chance of the spread of the virus.”

Thallemer was asked via e-mail about contact with city employees and if it would have any affect of services at the offices.

In a reply, he said, “Because of the social distancing, plexishields, masks, etc, I did not have any close contact with city employees during the two days I was at risk to spread. I will continue to remote access all meetings (including tomorrows press conference). No city services will be impacted negatively.”