Warsaw Police officers given “Life Saver” awards

(photo supplied / Warsaw Police Department)

Two Warsaw Police Department officers were presented with a “Life Saver” award for their actions following a drug-related shooting on North Detroit Street in May of 2017.

Corporal Phillip Hawks responded to the scene where a woman was suffering from a gunshot wound to her arm, even though his shift had ended 33 minutes prior. Hawks was joined by Patrol Officer Samuel Weaver, who assisted.

Weaver applied pressure to the wound while Hawks placed a tourniquet on the arm. The award came as a result of a recommendation from the city’s review board. The last time the award was made was about eight years ago when a officer assisted a neighbor who was attacked by a dog.

Warsaw Police Chief Scott Whitaker says the two kept the victim calm and were able to gather information to apprehend the suspect.

“Both officer’s proficiency and ability to quickly and effectively apply live saving trauma care allowed for rapid patient assessment by paramedics upon their arrival,” he explains.

Chief Whitaker congratulated the two on the award.

“Hawks and Weaver are to be commended for their life saving efforts and the continued service they provide to the City of Warsaw and the Warsaw Community.”