Warsaw School Board Hears Building Projects Update

Warsaw Community School Board of Trustees Tuesday heard a design build update on Lincoln Elementary School, Washington STEM Academy and Edgewood Middle School.
Jerry Rolfson, Performance Services, provided an update.
In the last 30 days at Lincoln, structural frame and joists have been completed as well as the structural steel, joist and deck for the gym and concrete block walls for the gym. In the next 30 days, roofing will begin.
At Washington steel, joists and the roof deck have been completed. In the next 30 days roofing will begin.
At Edgewood concrete slab work has begun. In the next 30 days the conversion of the existing science labs to other classroom learning space will begin.
The board will review textbook prices at its meeting Monday night.
Chris Gensinger, Chris Bonifield, and Dani Barkey requested to attend the Annual Utah Dual Immersion Institute.
According to board packet information, attendees will be trained in the administrative components necessary for a successful implementation of the 50/50 model of dual language immersion.
The two day training is designed for new dual language supervisors, coaches, and principals. A complete overview of the supervisory duties, troubleshooting, communication, curriculum and assessments will be covered. This type of professional development opportunity fulfills the professional development outlined in the dual immersion grant.
Ronna Kawsky, principal of Warsaw Area Career Center, requested to attend the conference in Las Vegas, Nev., with nine Career Technology Education CTE staff members.
Wendy Long, director of language programs, requested to attend a 2016 National Conference in Philadelphia, Pa., with a team of six to 10 people.
This conference will allow them to meet the needs of English language learners within the district. It will provide them with a deeper appreciation for the strengths and needs of ELLs, and they will learn new instructional practices and discover new resources to support language learning.
Shaza Katrib requested approval to attend the Advanced Placement training in Louisville, Ky., in June. The training will last four days and will allow her the training necessary to be able to teach AP physics at WCHS. The training is a requirement for WCHS to be able to offer this class to students.