Manchester School Looks at Gangs Policy

NORTH MANCHESTER – A policy on gang activity is now required for every school district by the Indiana School Board Association.
It is not a demanding problem in Manchester Community Schools, the school board heard Tuesday, but nonetheless it is still being prohibited.
“This new policy mimics the bullying policy from three years ago,” Schools Superintendent Bill Reichhart told the board.
A draft of the policy was prepared for the most recent school board meeting. The basic policy identifies a gang as having three or more members. If these members are promoting or participating in illegal activities then a student or teacher is obligated to inform the principal immediately.
Al Schlitt commented, “It could be written more clearly.”
This was the first reading of the written policy for Manchester Community Schools. He also wanted to ensure that the board was aware of the policy calling for interventions for students found to be in gangs. “If we adopt the policy then we are expected to do it.”
Reichhart agreed, saying that if gang violence were to become an issue then the school would want to resolve it in the best way possible.
The new gang policy will be included in the 2016-2017 student handbook. It also has to be shared with the parents annually to ensure they are informed on this policy.
Lunch prices are being raised 10 cents for the next school year. Becky Landis explained to the board that children prefer fresh fruit over canned fruit. Reduced lunches will still be 52 to 53 percent lower in cost and breakfast prices will also remain unchanged.
Three new teachers are being hired into Manchester Community Schools. Natalie Cain will a kindergarten teacher and Joshua Troyer will be a first grade teacher at Manchester Elementary School, while Jennifer Reichenbach will be an English teacher at Manchester High School.
School will be ending for all Manchester Community Schools on  May 20. The graduation ceremony for the seniors of Manchester Community High School is May 27 at 7:30.
As the year has come to a close the students have been busier than ever, the board heard. The 4th, 5th and 6th grades have all had field trips such as trips to the local pool, Ball State and art mueseums, as well as weekend camping trips. They have also enjoyed events such as Donuts with Dad and Muffins with Mom. At grandparents day, over 480 visitors came to spend the day with their grandchildren.
The seniors at the high school are finishing the year by taking AP language arts testing. Then on Thursday they will attend graduation practice and on Friday they will enjoy a senior trip.
The Academic Standards for Science have been revised for the 2016-2017 school year. The new curriculum will include computer sciences for grades kindergarten to 8th.
“In my 11 years as superintendent this is the first year that we have gotten out without tacking on any snow days,” Reichhart remarked.
School will resume at Manchester Community Schools on Aug. 16.