Warsaw-Wayne Fire Territory Recognizes Warren’s Tenure

Warsaw-Wayne Fire Territory recognized Kreg Warren Tuesday afternoon for his service of 28 years, making him the most-tenured serving firefighter. Pictured (L to R) are, front row: Chief Mike Wilson and Warren; back row: City Councilman and WWFT board member Mike Klondaris and Warsaw Mayor Joe Thallemer. Photo by David Slone, Times-Union.

Beginning the Warsaw-Wayne Fire Territory board meeting Tuesday, Chief Mike Wilson, City Councilman Mike Klondaris and the rest of the board recognized Kreg Warren.

When Warren, 53, retires in July 2022, he’ll have 30 years under his belt at Warsaw. He also served as a volunteer for four years at Mentone.

“A long time. And your family history in the fire service before you, your dad,” Wilson said, with Warren adding his grandfather and great-grandfather. “Many generations.”

They presented Warren with a framed copy of his May 2020 Best of Times article for his retirement room.

“Thanks a lot, Kreg,” Wilson said. “You’ve been very close with me in the years.”

Warren is the current most-tenured serving firefighter at the department. The May 2020 article talks about Warren’s history, as well as his family’s.

“We appreciate your service,” Klondaris, who framed the article, told Warren.

Brandon Schmitt, board member and former WWFT firefighter, said from his experience, he knows a lot of guys will miss Warren once he retires. “A lot of guys really, really enjoy working with him. … He will be missed a lot,” Schmitt said.

After that recognition, Wilson provided the monthly fire activity report. The WWFT had 269 responses in July, with six fire calls totaling $2,100 in damages. Of the six fire calls, station 1 responded to five and station 2 responded to one.

The administration staff assisted Mentone on a scene investigation at 12485 W. CR 700S.

On medical calls, he said station 1 responded to 89; station 2, 88; and station 3, 18.

For motor vehicle accidents, station 1 responded to four; station 2, one; and station 3, four. Station 1 also responded to one vehicle vs. pedestrian accident.

Hazardous conditions calls could include gas leaks, electrical hazards, vehicle accidents and gasoline spills. In July, station 1 responded to five while station 2 responded to seven.

Service calls could include smoke/odor removal, assist police or assist citizen. Station 1 responded to three, station 2, five and station 3, one.

In total for the month, station 1 had 123 runs; station 2, 121; and station 3, 24. Training hours totaled 448.45.

Scott Sigerfoos, Lutheran EMS, provided the EMS report. He said July was the “busiest” month of the year with 351 runs, but it was still down about 13% overall on 911 calls, “even though it does not feel like it at all.” He said there’s days where it seems like they’re incredibly busy and then days where it seems quiet. “Normally, we’re pretty steady every single day.”

The WWFT board meeting was wrapped up with approval of the monthly expenditure reports and travel requests.